Planning your memories so you can enjoy them.


Creating YOUR memories

so YOU can enjoy them.

our goal is to create joy through beautifully

executed events by providing support and inspiration

Actually enjoy your event...
Put our team to work! 
With a full team of professionals at your side, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful day! We not only do planning and coordination, but we offer a host of other services! No matter what aspect of your day we provide, we will make sure you are making memories instead of missing them. 

Wedding Coordination

You have sacrificed blood, sweat, and tears to this planning process...don't you dare leave the execution to chance! We have got your back!

Full Service

Wedding Planning

Don't want to lift a finger? You need a wedding planner! Do yourself a favor and click "Learn More" STAT!



Delicious foods in stunning food displays. They are aesthetically pleasing as they are tasty! 


Salt Lake City, UT

Operating Statewide

Chattanooga, TN

150 Mile Radius

Tel: (801) 382-7928

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