Making Dreams Come True

                                                                                                              From a very young age, making people smile has been my everything! Starting with my                                                                                                                   first live theatrical production in the 4th grade, I realized the power of telling a story                                                                                                                        through beautiful props, music, costumes, and a heck of a lot of organization. I remember                                                                                                            looking around the room at the joy that came from the culmination of strategically mixing our                                                                                                   vision with hard work, and my heart just sang!

                                                                                  From then on out, creating has been my passion! I went on to obtain a BFA in theatrical design and                                                                                   motion pictures and television production, and to build a wonderful career around managing the ins and outs of a live theatrical productions at different professional theatres, I was loving every aspect of my life and was traveling all over the world.

Then tragedy struck and my dad had a heart attack…

I moved home for what I thought would be a few months to help and spend time with my parents, who are my everything! During this time, I realized a few things. Yes, I was loving my life, but was I living my best life? After facing the possibility of losing my Dad, the people I love most became my priority, so I decided to stay close to home. My drive to help others through events never changed, but I did started seeking out other ways to do so.

I used my skills to plan small town events, grow a farmers market, and a wedding here and there. It grew to the point of being hired to plan and coordinate high budget events for Caesars Entertainment. I realized I was truly living my best life! Not only was I getting to do all of the things that I loved about coordinating live theatre events, but I was also getting to be in the trenches with the “audience” members. I absolutely fell in love with every aspect of event planning and coordination, and I have made that my career for the last 7 years.

Fast forward to today and a relocation to Salt Lake City, Utah, I have married the man of my dreams, met the best business partner a girl could ever ask for, and started an incredible health and charity project that has created more significance in my life than I could have ever imagined! Not only are we feeding millions of hungry people every year and helping get amazing people off of prescription drugs, but it has finally opened up my schedule and finances to do something that I have always dreamt of…Life Moments!

I am taking everything I have learned and grown into as a professional, and am now pouring it into my very own company, branded to convey the joy and smiles that I have thrived on my whole life! I get personally invested and pour my whole soul into everything event I do, and am so honored by those who entrust their memories to me and our team.

Chelsie McRae Kearney
Co-Founder & Managing Director

Turning a Vision into Reality

Janessa McNeill
Co-Founder & General Manager

Hey y’all! I love people. They are my passion, and my goal is to help people every single day.

When I was in high school, my friends and I would get together and have parties frequently. They were

most often at my house, and I planned a lot of the details. We also were the house that most family

gatherings were at, and I just fell in love with having people over. I especially love creating a space where 

people feel safe and can just have a good time with one another.

Right before my high school graduation, my Mom passed away unexpectedly. It was a very trying time, but one thing she taught me was to love and serve people, as well as just be happy. Sure there are hard things in life, but there is so much to be happy about.

I studied Communications at Snow College and then completed my Bachelor's degree at Utah Valley University in Public Relations and Business Management. I learned how to better communicate in writing, several aspects of business, and event planning. During several internships, I learned how to do social media marketing, which is now my specialty.

I served a volunteer service mission for my church in Tennessee, which is how Chelsie and I became connected, and I fell even more in love with people, but also with travel and discovering other cultures. The South is a different place than Utah, y'all, and I absolutely love it!

I never imagined I would be a business owner or founder, but I always knew I wanted to write and do marketing for a smaller company. With our expansion of Life Moments to include not only event planning and coordination but also social media marketing, I know I'm exactly where I'm meant to be. 

Making Every Detail Count!

                                                                                                              I’m a party animal.  Not your typical party animal that shows up for the food and the                                                                                                                      dancing and the socializing.. (I’d much rather be at Yi Sushi Bistro or at home listening to                                                                                                              podcasts), but there is nothing I love more than being behind-the-scenes at any event-                                                                                                               prepping the food, making sure the decor is perfectly placed, and taking care of all the little                                                                                                        details so everyone else can relax and have a great time. Call me crazy but I love it!


                                                                              I always loved planning small parties and get-togethers for friends and family growing up- but it wasn’t until I                                                                    got involved in the Student Activities Club my Freshman year of college that I realized I wanted to take this to the next level. One incredible opportunity led to the next and I soon found myself sitting over a cup of hot chocolate at a cafe with Chelsie and Janessa, completely nerding out about events. Shifting my focus to weddings (though I’m definitely still the family party planner) brought my love for event planning to a whole new level I didn’t think was possible. As a wedding coordinator- you are making dreams come true every day. You are sharing the excitement with each couple, taking away unneeded stress and worry, and helping their dream day become a reality. And that is where my pure passion and joy comes from.


A little more about me: I was born and raised in Utah and I’m the youngest of five siblings. I just recently married the love of my life- the most loving, kind, thoughtful, and supportive man who I am so grateful to have by my side. I am a private violin teacher of five years and I have played violin since I was 4. I love going to the gym, eating at yummy restaurants, dreaming of the day I’ll have a golden retriever, playing piano, and spending time with uplifting people who can make me laugh.

Julia Johnson
Senior Event Manager
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