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It's time for you to relax and for us to get to work! Please fill out this document to the best of your ability and read all instructions carefully as you go.

Once you "Submit" the form, follow the link to schedule your Download Meeting where we will review every detail with you to ensure we're on the same page.

As part of your contract, you may be featured on our social media, website, or other marketing material. If you are comfortable being tagged, please provide your handle. 

(If you have more than 4 parent figures in your lives, you can give us their information in the Download Meeting. If you have no parent figures, feel free to provide information for two of your closest family members or friends.)


Rehearsal Venue

Getting Ready Venue

Ceremony Venue

Cocktail Hour Venue



Reception Venue

Other Venue

Wedding Party


Be as thorough as possible. Fill in what you know and don't worry if there are still some things you're not sure about. We will talk through the flow of your day at your Download Meeting. Anything that does not apply, select N/A.

Start Getting Ready



Pre-Ceremony Photos


Cocktail Hour

Family & Couple Photos

Luncheon/Dinner Start Time

Reception Start Time


Cake Cutting

First Dance

Daddy-Daughter Dance

Mother-Son Dance

Special Performances

Bouquet/Garter Toss




Fill in as much information for the vendors you currently have. If you need help finding some, write that in the box. We will go over other vendor questions or concerns with you at the Download Meeting.

Vendor Type




Ceremony DJ / Band / Musicians

Cocktail Hour

DJ / Band / Musicians

Reception DJ / Band / Musicians


Cake Baker


Hair Stylist

Makeup Artist


Furniture Rentals

Decor Rentals


Cocktail Hour Bartender

Reception Bartender






Contact Name

Phone Number


Who will be responsible for ensuring the rings are brought to the ceremony?

Who will take the guest sign-in home after the reception?

Who will take the decor home after the reception?

Who will take the gifts home after the reception?

Who will take home any leftover food once the guests are finished?

Miscellaneous Questions

If you are doing a guest sign in, what are you doing?

Will you need cake cutting supplies?

Would you like the top layer of your cake to be saved and taken home and frozen to eat for your first anniversary?

If so, who would you like to take it home after the reception?

In corresponding order, what song will you do for your First Dance, Daddy/Daugher and Mother/Son Dance? Write N/A if you are not doing a certain dance.

If you are doing a send-off, what will it entail?

Other Information

If you have anything else that we should know or was not covered above, please write it below. Once you're done with everything, go ahead and hit "Submit"!

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