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Welcome to Your
Date-Night Experience 

Brought to You by Life Moments 


  • Unpack Your Box & Separate Snacks From Painting supplies.

  • Fill your fondue container with chocolate melting wafers & microwave for 1-2 minutes, stir, & repeat as needed until your chocolate is melted smooth.

  • Place your fondue container back into it's holder and light the provided tea candle to keep everything warm and yummy! (Feel free to supplement your fondue experience with with fresh food items such as strawberries or angel food cake!)

  • Set up all of your Painting Supplies on a safe surface such as a newspaper or trash bag & hit play on the tutorial video! The artist will take you through all of your painting materials & any supplemental items you may want to gather. 

  • Feel free to pause or rewind the video as many times as needed to get your painting just right! Remember, this is your painting & your date night! Enjoy it exactly how you would like & at the pace you would like. 

Thank you so much for supporting Life Moments and

we wish you a beautifully intimate evening with your partners! 

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