Our Charming Edibles

If you're like us, you love some good food.

But we love even more when it looks amazing AND delicious at the same time. 

Introducing our Charming Edibles - Food displays that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are tasty. 

Popcorn Display

Includes homemade salted butter, white cheddar, and caramel popcorn with all of the fixin's.

Hot Chocolate & Homemade Cider Display

Help your guests warm up with Hot Chocolate and Homemade Apple Cider. Includes several toppings and flavorings to make the perfect cups of goodness, just the way they like it.  

S'mores Display

Bring a taste of summer to any event! The S’mores bar will have your guests remembering sticky nights in front of a campfire.

Vintage Dessert Display

Who doesn't love dessert?? You'll especially love this incredible dessert display! Feature some favorite treats on our unique, vintage display piece leaving your guests astonished and sugar cravings satisfied.

Rustic Charcuterie Display

You will get a lot of "Oohs" and "Aahs" when your guests see this incredible display. Choose from a variety of meats, cheese, crackers and more to keep them talking for years to come. 

Fondue Fountain Display

Add some elegance to your event with a beautiful dessert Fondue Fountain. Includes several options for guests to smother in delicious chocolate. Your mouth and attendees will thank you.

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